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Applied Technical Support

YBL Applied Support offers the opportunity for the processor to develop and grow their business with a plan of quick return on their investment.

YBL Applied Support draws on experience from industry professionals, each with a minimum of 25 years experience.  Based on the necessities of each project, the most appropriate professionals will be assigned to the job.

Whether it is a completely new product or a specifically required improvement to an existing product; Similarly, whether it’s a new market or an enhancement to the product or range, YBL Applied Support makes the expensive costs of Research & Development or Project Management or Marketing / Engineering / Processing Analysis and resolution, affordable to any size of company.

Working on a Project by Project basis, the client gains the benefits of increasing their management capabilities without high employment costs by effective utilizing cost effective invaluable experience.

Often with access to R&D Grants or R&D Tax Rebate, YBL Applied Support’s services become so minute on a return on investment exercise that you can’t afford not to do it !

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Food Ingredients, Packaging Supply and Supply Chain Logistics Options 

YBL applied support offers the small to medium size food business the opportunity to support and improve their supply chain logistics.  Sort out your supply issues by conferring with us and utilizing our broad experienced base.  We can aid you in the choice of the right ingredients and can arrange and even supply your needs.  We love a challenge.

YBL applied support can aid in the acquisition of difficult to get raw materials, suitable cost-effective alternatives.

We also supply a range of ingredients and premixes which are unique to the market and nicely price at competitive rates – thus providing you with a cost-effective point-of-difference to the widely marketed alternatives. Click for more

Along with food ingredients, we provide the same services for packaging and a range food industry gear.

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Please contact us and we will arrange the details for you.

When your process needs automated improvement, YBL applied support can aid you by project managing your process & equipment selection which ultimately leads to the best choice for your business.  We can organize trials on equipment to confirm its suitability to your application.

If you need something to make your process work better or more cost-effectively and you don’t know what that something is, just ask us at YBL applied support and we will draw on our experience and contacts to get an answer for you.

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