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Hands on support for the growth of Your Food Business

Welcome to YBL applied support

With professionals having over 25 years of experience and knowledge in the Food Industry—at an affordable investment, YBL Applied Support can offer state-of-the-art technology to any size of company.  From the concept and research of a new product, the manufacturing and processing  plan through to the marketing and product launch  — YBL Applied Support brings extensive and effective Research & Development resolutions to the processor at a very affordable investment.  YBL Applied Support operates very efficiently with a Hands-on approach on your processing floor, in a Test Kitchen or in an R&D Laboratory.

Product  Development

YBL works hands-on with you to deliver new products and markets to drive the Growth of Your Business. Our highly experienced food industry professional have many years practical know-how in the use of and familiarity with common food industry equipment – like cutters, mixers, grinders, blenders, slicers, fillers, formers, ovens, smokehouses, vacuum & gas-flush systems, weight & portioning equipment & packaging equipment.

  • New products
  • Existing Product Improvement
  • Range Extension
  • Process Improvements Performance Enhancement
  • Ingredient selection / Formulation blends
  • Product Packaging selection
  • Labelling / Nutritional Information
  • Product Specifications

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Process & Product  Analysis

  • - Method Studies
  • - Efficiency Evaluation
  • - Product Cost Analysis
  • - Manufacturing Plan
  1. Product rationalisation to better company returns.
  2. Analysis resulting in improvement recommendations to existing production methods.
  3. Independent equipment evaluation.
  4. Improving shelf-life; Product stability
  5. Process flow plans
  6. Improving your Bottom Line.

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Packaging / Product Labelling

  • - Packaging recommendation
  • - Shelf-life improvement
  • - Food Law
  • - Nutritional Information
  • - Ingredient Declaration
  • - Product Labelling & Label Design Support

Health Products  -  Fermented Products
Dairy  -  Bakery  -  Beverages 
Fats & Oils - Spreads  - Dips
Meat & Smallgoods


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Ingredients / Formulations

  • - Develop your own premix formulation -Your own personalized product solution.
  • - Know your Product formulation—every ingredient and level
  • - Competitive Ingredient supply Options
  • - Selection & Sourcing Options
  • - Formulated Blends—outsourced

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Food Safety Programs

  • - HACCP—experience since 1994
  • - Design and implementation of your mandatory Food Safety System from the ground up.
  • - Procedures written—document control procedures
  • - Maintenance & improvement
  • - HACCP Training
  • - Analyzing existing system—
                Improvement proposals

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Project Management

  • - From Concept to Launch
  • - Product Research & Branding
  • - Equipment Selection
  • - Manufacturing Plan

Add Marketing to your products and have a program that drives your sales to build on your competitiveness and sector growth—adding to your bottom line.

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R&D Assistance Programs

  • - Industry Grants
  • - R&D Tax Rebate
  • - Business Plans
  • - Sales & Marketing Plans
  1. Assistance programs via Federal & State Government
  2. Plans to aid your Growth with new products.

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