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Newsletter - March 2009

YBL Newsletter March 2009

YBL introduces PhosZero
into the NatralTech CT range for the premix industry

YBL has designed a concentrate blend for the premix industry which enables the elimination of phosphates in premixes intended for meat tenderizing / moisture enhancing and processed meats.  This clean technology allows the processor to clean up their labels and remove more of the consumer unwanted additives numbers.
The name says it all PhosZero = no phosphates.  So, there are no added phosphates (i.e., no additive numbers 339, 340, 341, 450, 451, & 452).
YBL’s PhosZero emerged from clean label thinking and utilises an advanced bonded-moisture system technology and accurate utilization of optimally extracted “actinidin” from selected kiwifruit using the latest developments in the process technology.  By utilizing the latest and most advanced Kiwifruit extract plus the state-of-the-art hydrocolloid technology, YBL has developed PhosZero a scientifically formulated dry blend for premixes destined for the following applications:

  • Moisture enhancing

  • Tenderizing

  • Injection processes

  • Soaking systems

  • Massaging processes

The primary tenderization ingredient is kiwi fruit extract powder (see further information below).  PhosZero employs an advanced stabilization system for binding the moisture and giving the meat product the right succulence.

Please advise us your intended usage & requirements and we will aid you to formulate and advise the usage to give you the best results.


  1. No additive numbers – Clean Label
  2. No phosphate
  3. Consistent tenderness – quick results
  4. Scientifically formulated proven optimized natural system 
  5. Clean flavour – no metallic notes from phosphates
  6. Advanced water binding technology – yield retention
  7. Easy to use – simple quick dissolution premix


Raw kiwi fruit has long been used by chefs as a tenderising agent usually by finely chopping and spreading it directly onto the meat or by including it in marinades. The disadvantage of using the kiwi fruit in this way is that it is a very powerful source of enzyme (actinidin) and it is easy to use too much which results in meat with a slimy, poor texture and unappetising appearance.

Kiwi fruit extract powder is a natural product prepared from high-grade kiwi fruit. The unique and innovative extraction procedure ensures the protease enzyme “actinidin” is available in high consistent levels.  Thus the low and optimal usage of the enzyme via a premix application assures the ideally suited product for use either in the kitchen or in a commercial meat processing plant at a cost-effective rate.
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